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about porter roofing

Here at Porter Roofing, we strongly promote quality craftsmanship and training for all our employees and demand from them the best in quality workmanship. Our roofing crews are professionally trained through close partnership with state-of-the-art roofing manufacturers.

We strive to build outstanding and life-long relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. This affords us a unique competitive edge, as well as extraordinary opportunities to communicate, coordinate, and implement the type of roofing services expected from a professional roofing contractor.

As our reputation continues to grow on a national scale, we realize that it is based on our past roofing projects. Therefore, we raise the bar for exceptional performance, job by job, year by year. We pledge our full support toward the successful completion of our clients’ roofing projects, and we will perform our services in your best interest with a great effort to maintain your trust and good will.

porter roofing vision

Porter Roofing has blueprinted an innovative culture throughout our company, placing special emphasis on the welfare and safety of everyone involved with any roofing project we undertake. We have provided OSHA’s 40-hour safety program and CPR training for all of our key employees so that every crew is staffed with at least one safety team leader. Although our safety program exceeds roofing industry standards, we continually seek ways to implement new ideas and procedures.

porter roofing commitment

Porter Roofing Contractors will assist you during every step of the process. We begin with a thorough site inspection with extra time being devoted on the front end to analyze each project individually. In addition to helping you select the best roofing system for your building, we will make a careful evaluation of the existing problems.

Our experienced estimating department will make every effort to identify any outstanding design issues and provide cost-effective solutions. Once the job is underway, our project managers will work hard to make sure the job is done efficiently with minimal disruptions. We will provide you with a highly cost-effective roofing system, delivered with the superior quality that has become a Porter Roofing trademark.

New construction has allowed us to establish long lasting friendships with general contractors throughout the United States. Whether the project is a highly complex design, or is on a fast-track around-the-clock schedule, Porter Roofing will bring the necessary resources to complete the project in a timely manner.


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